Is Code Monster better than Crazy Insane?


1-Code Monster plan offer more CPU and more MySQL connections than Crazy Insane plan?

2-Cos I have a news/review/preview/screenshots game’s website that use a CMS script (PHP and MySQL) and a IPB script for the forum (PHP and MySQL too). The website have around 4000~5000 visits/day (10000 page views day).

So, I would like to know if DreamHost is a good choice for my website!

Thanks! =)

No. The only dofferences in the two plans are in the disk space, bandwidth, nymber of email accounts, etc as described in the plan comparison page from the main Dreamhost site. They are both “shared servers” and do not differ in CPU usage/limitations or MySQL capabilities.

As you didn’t describe what CMS you are using, and we don’t know what degree of interactivity your visitors have on the site, it is impossible to tell how well your site will perform on a shared server. CMS systems, and the modules, plug-ins, etc. that often operate within them, vary greatly in efficiency of coding (which affects CPU usage) and the efficiency of MySQL queries (which affects not only CPU usage, but also impacts the overall load on the shared MySQL servers).

If it were me, I’d be looking to parlay those visitors and page views into enough revenue to host on a dedicated server. That said, Dreamhost has a 97 day money back guarantee (read the Terms and Conditions carefully, and pay with a charge card!), so it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.


I’ll just add that upgrading/downgrading plans is easy to do through the panel, so you could just start with the cheap one and upgrade later if you need it.

Some scripts might have caching options you can turn on that will make them a little nicer to the server. If you have a page or two that always gets hammered with traffic and/or rarely changes, you could make them plain old static HTML.

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Your IPB script won’t work on DreamHost. IPB only works with MySQL 4.x but DreamHost uses MySQL 5.

In facts it may works :

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Thanks. I didn’t know that. :slight_smile:

I fixed my 1.3 IPB to work on dreamhost, wasn’t too much of a hassle.