Is Capistrano still available

I’m getting ready to using Capistrano do deploy my Ruby On Rails app. I’ve never used Capistrano before, but all the documentation I’ve seen (including the DH Wiki) has you start out with a command like:

cap -A .

However, “cap” doesn’t seem to be found as of 6/19. Has it been removed, or is there some “missing” documentation to install Capistrano yourself, or at least get in in your path?

An other person rescently posted that they were having problems using capistrano, perhaps you might find some info here…

–Matttail - personal website

Hi, thanks for the link. I did see that post, but it appears my problem is occuring before his. I can’t even run the “cap” command, so I won’t be able to experience the joy of these other problems until I can run capistrano in the first place. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you don’t have capistrano installed.

In your local shell run:
sudo gem install capistrano

That should get you the cap command.

To elaborate on the previous comment a little, this is something you would do to install Capistrano on your local development machine, not on a Dreamhost shared server. If you want Capistrano installed on your shared server, open a support ticket and request it or install it into your home directory. You won’t be using sudo on a DH server.

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Thanks all. I guess according to some of the blog posts and the DH Wiki, I assumed Capistrano was already installed on the servers. I’ve just been managing my deployment with SVN and migrations (it’s just a small personal app), so I’m good to go for now. If things get a bit more complex in my deployment needs, I will revisit Capistrano and see about either installing it into my home directory or opening a support ticket.