Is basic plan@9.95monthly sufficient4dreamweaver9?


Is the basic plan $9.995 per month sufficient for installing Dreamweaver 9 templates on DreamHost?


has anyone experience difficulties with Dreamweaver9 templates or linkage to Dreamhost?
if so what are the hiccups if any?



It’s more than sufficient. Dreamweaver uses standard FTP to upload the site, so there’s no problem there. DW sites are static, so you’re not even putting a load on the server. Lots of people here use Dreamweaver, so you’ll get plenty support if you run into any problems.



If you do a search through the forum, I think you’ll find a lot of advice to avoid Dreamweaver if you can help it. There aren’t any “gotchas” that are peculiar to DreamHost in terms of Dreamweaver support, at least that I’ve heard of, but a number of the folks here have a lot of dislike for Dreamweaver in general.

To the meat of your question, the basic plan is probably sufficient unless you’re creating a highly dynamic site that does a lot of processing or database access. Dreamweaver templates probably don’t qualify as that, so odds are good you’ll find performance to be just fine. I don’t have any direct experience with them, though, so please take that assertion with a grain of salt.

In any case, you can always sign up and take the hosting for a spin. DreamHost offers a nice upgrade path if you find your site needs more performance than the shared plan offers, or you can cancel for a full refund within the first 97 days if you think another host might be better for you.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


I’ll come in on the side of Dreamweaver. I think it’s a fine program, though a bit expensive.

I use it myself - though I don’t consider myself an html expert and maybe that defines its target audience.

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Yeah I agree, Dreamweaver is fine once you’ve set it up.

Some of us just prefer Notepad… but that’s a personal choice :wink:

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Plenty of us have had plenty of problems with Dreamhost. The plan you are looking at is not sufficient for your plans. Unless you plan on hosting a couple of static HTML files you’d be better server going elsewhere.


Obviously spoken by a 3-post expert. :smiley:

Most people haven’t had plenty of problems with DreamHost. Most people have had very few problems at all. Most people hosting at DreamHost use that plan and find that it has more than enough capacity to handle their needs.



Thanks for sharing your views and experiences.

It is very difficult for me to find any sort of trends
in any of your answers.
Some of you say “DW” is difficult to use wit DH
and some say it is not too bad.
I suppose I have to try to find out.

May be what would be good is someone could point me to a
DW website on DH, so I can see what it looks like?
Static DW is OK for me.




Portions of my site are recreated with DW. I am not the best at page design, but it works. I started with frontpage and quickly went to notepad when I started programing with PHP. I have been using DW for roughly 6 months to a year and I find it very easy to set up as it supports ftp access.
On my site, the news page uses a template. I decided on that so I could use contribute down the road. Maybe allow others to add news, etc.
The down fall with DW that I am sure you are aware of is the in ability to display a php page correctly. This can be viewed with a browser, but is a slow down in trying to work on the page.
So for general html design and template use DW is just fine, you should not see any problems using it.
Good luck,

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