Is anyone else missing VPS users?

So I had users that were previously my “administrative” users on the VPS instances. Today I was trying to login with them, and was constantly getting “Permission denied (publickey, password)”.

I logged in as a different user onto the VPS and when I tried to “su” to that user, I got the message “Unknown id: $ID”!

In all of the communications that came down about the removal of sudo access, there was absolutely no mention that I saw of deleting of the administrative users from the VPS machines.

Since that user is gone, what happened to the contents of that user’s home directory?

Is anyone else having the same problem?

If you have already read, you can contact Support to get your users converted to regular shell users so they can access the files. I’m not an expert of VPS so you may want to ask also these questions to support.

My users are already deleted, so there isn’t a way to convert them to regular shell users. I am in touch with support regarding this issue, I was just wondering how widespread it was or if I was one of a few unlucky ones that had their data deleted without warning. In all of the communication that was sent through email, there was no notification that the admin users were going to be deleted.