Is anyone at Dreamhost aware

…of the MAJOR problems happening right now? Everything related to my account (snraffiliates) has been DOWN ALL MORNING. I can’t check email, I can’t upload to ftp (says I don’t have permission), I can’t do anything at all. Every error message has to do with insufficient permissions. Fix it now.

I am on vlad. Fix it now please. Dreamhost’s performance recently has been disappointing to say the least.

According to an e-mail I just received…

[quote]Friday January 10, 2003 there will be a maintinace window from Midnight
until 5 am PST. During this time, some of DreamHost’s central database
servers will be taken down for a few hours. Services affected will be, and user and domain updates such as password changes.
Mail, Http, Ftp, and Ssh services will not be affected.

Happy All Night Dreamhost Database Maintinace Team[/quote]
My biggest beef with this? That e-mail was sent late last night, providing no warning whatsoever.

Additionally, mail and FTP are both being affected, despite what the e-mail claims. Plus, the admin panel is still screwy.(Examples: Support history is not being displayed properly, Goodies > Streaming returns a load of errors and Status > System Status displays “System uptime stats currently offline (how ironic!).”)

This is extremely embarassing as I had just sent out a newsletter telling subscribers to come see the new additions to my site and the home page is now displaying an unnecessarily enormous…

Application Error
An error has occurred in the program

…due to a permissions problem. Since FTP isn’t working, I can’t upload a file with that call commented out, and telnetting in and editing the file does me no good since I can’t save it!

Oh yeah, and I suppose my Mojo Mail upgrade will have to remain incomplete and unfixable until somebody gets on the ball.

It looks like they’re performing maintenance about as accurately as they can spell it.

hi Wes!



Mine is still down. Anyone else’s?

Yep my sites are down, have been all week for at least an hour a day…today they have been down going on 4 hours!!! Have emailed support several times to be told everything checks out ok!!! I think NOT my sites are down.

Not a happy person at all right now.