Is allowed to transfer on dream host my web cbdsold

I own this website and i host it on Interserver, I must say that lately, I see huge delays on the website despite that the page speed is A grade in the console and give a good result with gmetrix.
Does transfer to DreamHost will make huge change on speed of my website?
I saw several great reviews about dreamhost

DreamHost have a good rep when it comes to WordPress sites. Their PHP implementations provide caching even on the cheap “Shared Hosting” plans. Having said that, the only way you will know if it will be better than your current host is if you sign up and give it a try.

You could grab a basic no-contract Shared Starter one month trial for about $5 and use their free migration tool to make a clone of your current site running on a free dreamhosters subdomain (no need to buy extras when signing up – just uncheck anything that costs extra).

Once the site files are hosted on the free subdomain you can test the responsiveness before deciding whether or not to move your entire domain over.

If you need any tips on configuring your WordPress installation to run on the free subdomain, etc. just ask here. There will be someone around that can point you in the right direction or to a Knowledge Base article.

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