Is a subdomain essential to installing database?



Followed the wiki instructions on setting up a database. Success.

Since hostnames are interchangeable, however, was setting up a subdomain really necessary to setting up the database? Can I not set up a database without the step of creating a subdomain? My CMS system doesn’t seem to require it.


  • Jonathan


You need at least one valid MySQL hostname on your account to use MySQL databases. (Otherwise there’s no way for you to refer to your database server.) You don’t need more than one, though, and it doesn’t have to be under the same domain as the site that’s using it.


OK, it makes sense that need be only one hostname. But my question is slightly different.

If, say, my domain is, do I need to create a subdomain called in order to create the hostname? That’s what I understood from the wiki.

  • Jonathan


no, you set up something like and use that. dreamhosters is just for testing purposes and for people too cheap to buy a domain name.

if you don’t want to use a subdomain, you still set one up, then edit some domain’s dns CNAME so that it points to your sql hostname. For example -> (note: i assume this works, haven’t tried).


I understand now. Thanks, bobocat & andrewf…

  • Jonathan