IRC server? compile C/C++?

I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I have searched these forums and on the dreamhost site, including the wiki pages.

Does forbid setting up IRC servers in shared hosting accounts?
Some hosting companies forbid this on the grounds of security, which is why I am asking.

Also, is it possible to compile C/C++ apps in an account?
Once again, most prevent this because of security concerns.

Thanks in advance.

I believe any kind of persistent process is forbidden, so an IRC server would not be permitted.

yes, you can compile C/C++ apps while logged in via SSH. All the usual command line compilers/utilities are provided.


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See the Terms of Service, MATERIAL PRODUCTS, Item 7

As well as the Wiki on Cron Jobs and Persistent Processes

Might want to check into dedicated or co-location.

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