IPv6 Routing Issues

I’ve just been moved to the new DC and since then a php script that uses curl to grab some data is no longer working.

I’ve contacted support multiple times and in the end worked out the issue. It appears that the new server is not routing IPv6 correctly. Manually using curl on the command line shows that it is trying to connect to the remote server via IPv6, timing out, and then falling back to IPv4. When I provided a screenshot of this timeout I was advised to contact CloudFlare, the “owner” of the IPv6 addresses to find out what they’ve changed. Since then I have also run tests to ipv6.google.com and a few other IPv6 enabled sites that don’t use CloudFlare to find that they all fail and either don’t work or fallback to the IPv4 records.

Hopefully I get one of the smarter tech support folks for my latest email and they catch on to the fact that it is the new Dreamhost server that I was migrated to that is causing the problems and NOT anyone else’s fault.

In case they still give me the run around, has anyone got any experience in modifying the PHP INI settings to disable IPv6 connections in the Shared Hosting environment?