IPV6 not working?

Has anyone got a working IPV6 connection on Dreamhost?
They published my AAAA record OK but any attempt to connect via http or ssh fails with “no route to host” or “network unreachable”. I’m also unable to connect IPV6 outbound from my shell account.

I’m hosted on ‘okul’ if that helps.

My IPv6 addresses are not working either. I’m on rana, if it matters. I submitted a ticket, but have not yet received a response.

recent related thread: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-130316.html

I don’t think that thread is related to this issue. This appears to be some sort of routing or peering issue. My ticket has been acknowledged, but no solution has been given yet.

Seems to be working now, can connect inwards and outwards.

No word from DH tech support about the cause or resolution yet. Perhaps the router gods have smiled upon me

Yes, I’ve noticed this as well. In my ticket, there was a note about possible routing issues that at the time had not been tracked down.

Spoke too soon, its down again.
Although outbound is still OK this time.