IPv6 nameservers please?

Hi DreamHost,

I’m so happy to have IPv6 on my web server - thanks for adding that feature.

I would love it more if you enabled IPv6 on your nameservers too, as right now they are only able to respond to IPv4 queries which, while you can still resolve IPv6 records over IPv4 transport, that only works if the client is dual stack and not native IPv6.


still not implemented?

yes please, it’s 2015!

Agreed, DreamHost should modernize its nameservers. Another vote for IPv6 support.

Yes please!

yes! and, while youre at it, add support for more record types! id like to be able to do zeroconf/dns-sd/bonjour networking. currently i pay dyn.org (of dyndns fame) an extra $5/mo just to be able to do this!

Still and issue and it’s 2017!!!

While I could easily use my registrars free dns hosting to support ipv6 (i checked they do (because it’s 2017)), I’d then be at the mercy of dreamhost changing ip4 address without knowing (which has happened before).

If Dreamhost went to the trouble many years ago to allow hosted accounts to add ipv6 addresses, including shared hosted accounts, why not add ipv6 ip addresses to their own nameservers? I don’t get it.

Bump. Please add those.
In the meantime, you could delegate to for example, Hurricane Electric?
(e.g. ns1.he.net, 2001:470:100::2)
One free domain per account. See http://dns.he.net
I’m just trying to complete the certification tests and found this issue :slight_smile: