Ipower transfer


I want to transfer my current domain (hosted and registered at ipower) to DH. I can’t find anywhere on Ipower’s website where I can change the nameservers to point to Dreamhost, or to unlock them so that I can transfer them to DH. Anyone able to help me out? www.ipower.com is the website.


I hope this is not a plug for the website. :wink:

You could ring the 24 hour 888 telephone number.
You could try one of their 4 contact telephone numbers.
You could try the live help chat.
You could view the tutorials by clicking their tutorial link.
You could go to the help centre by clicking the help center link and read the help messages.
You could go to the help centre and ask them from the ‘ask a question’ section via email.
You could google your query and read the answers like this one



That was a great answer, Norm! I’ve got to learn to do that. Thanks!