Iphone won't download mail

iphone 3gs won’t download email from dreamhost now. Just happened in the last few days. Other email accounts working fine. iMac at home working fine with dreamhost email but not iphone.

I tried deleting the account and then re-entering it. Nope
Tried re-starting the iphone.

It says “checking for mail” and then “downloading 1 of 34” then stops before
it actually downloads mail.

Any ideas?

Thank you all for any help.

Is your webmail working?

Yes, it seems to be the only way I can get mail now.

My macbook is not getting mail for hours now too. iphone still won’t download
messages. Looks like it’s getting kicked off the server in about 1 second.

It starts to download 1 of 35 messages and then stops after a second or so.

Thanks for any help. It’s really getting bad lately. All around, not just on the phone.