Iphone IMAP mail problems

Hi, I am an iphone user, and I check my mail at the same time with webmail. The phone is working ‘ok’ for over a month. I have the IMAP prefix set up, etc.

I am having buggy issues though. I was at the apple store yesterday and they told me it was my mail server — dreamhost.

The issues I’m having is that some of my mail isn’t getting to my iphone. It shows up in my webmail but not all of it is on the iphone. In addition, I check my mail from mail.app on my home computer and ALL of the mail is on it also. (I don’t think I have to use a prefix in my settings in mail.app on computer.) So only the iphone isn’t getting it all. The people at the genius bar at apple said that this has to do with my mail server, maybe IMAP errors I’m getting in webmail, maybe configurations.

Another problem I’m having is that when I send photos from my iphone mail app it is creating another sent folder. So, INBOX/INBOX/sent rather than storing it in INBOX/sent. They thought that the ‘prefix’ might be a little wrong and causing this bug. (It still sends the message, but I just have to move the sent email to the correct location and then login to webmail>options to delete additional folder.)

Can anyone help me with these issues?

My current config:
incoming: mail.mydomain.com
outgoing: mail.mydomain.com:587

incoming and outgoing: uses SSL
Authentication: password
IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX


I have a very similar problem with my iPhone. But it doesn’t seem to matter what client I use–Mail.app, Opera, Thunderbird–the clients aren’t downloaded some of the message headers. (At least, I think they aren’t, because there’s no trace of the messages.) That’s until I log in to Squirrelmail–where the missing email sits there, mocking me.

I haven’t found anything else on the net about this problem, and I’ve been working on it for about 3 days now. Can’t seem to figure it out.

For me, it’s not every message that isn’t appearing. Only some of them. And it seems to be the same addresses that are consistently not appearing (big names like yahoo.com, aol.com). Also, I noticed that if I email myself, that won’t show up either–but if I send a message that forwards to my address, that will appear (Anyone: can you not send yourself a message in IMAP?) Are you noticing the same things?

Let me know what’s going and we’ll see if we can fix this.