iPhone Firmware 2.2 and Dreamhost E-Mail

Has anyone else had a wonky issue with your Dreamhost E-Mail after your iPhone was upgraded to Firmware 2.2?

I can send/receive e-mails without a problem, but as soon as I try to delete any e-mail from the iPhone, I get an error that says that “the messages could not be moved to the mailbox Trash.”

The Trash folder seems to be working fine when I log into the webmail interface and move things in/out of the trash folder and such.

I set up my iPhone as instructed in the Dreamhost iPhone 3G wiki – and deleted / recreated the account just in case… but no go…

Any ideas?

I get a similar problem with the ipod touch, mines gives the same error but shows the emails as deleted but when i check emails the appear back. Usually after a couple of tries i’m able to delete the emails correctly.