iPhone email stopped working

So, I’ve had my Dreamhost-hosted email set up on my iPhone for at least a year, working fine… then all of a sudden, sometime after about 10pm last night, it stopped working. When it attempts to download, I get this:

“The mail server mail.xxxxxx.com is not responding”

Then something about checking my settings. I have changed nothing. Has Dreamhost changed something? Anyone else ever had this happen? I tried turning SSL off, and on, same result. Shut off phone, back on, nothing.

I can access this email from elsewhere OK (webmail). I can get other email accounts NOT at Dreamhost OK.

The email is set up as IMAP, incoming Host Name and SMTP for outgoing both the same (mail.domainname.com).

Any help out there?

Go ahead and try this out here: iPhone Email Setup on DreamHost – This will be updated on our iPhone wiki soon.

But here are the settings:

Here are the exact settings:

Account Type: IMAP
Email Address: you@yourdomain.com
Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Password: {Your Password}
Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Password: {Your Password}
Password Auth: Username / Password Auth
Outgoing Port: 587
SSL Incoming: Off
SSL Outgoing: Off

I hope this answered your questions!

I too have had this problem. happaned to me on 2 phones at once, and of course support suggested it was a problem with the phones settings. Like you, I hadn’t touched mine in over a year.

Mine worked when the phone was on wifi but not cellular data, which suggests the connection could have been getting blocked somewhere before it arrived at dreamhost. Support was stuck on it had to be the phones settings however.

5 days in, when we finally reached the level of trouble shooting where we would find the cause the problem magically cleared itself. Support immediately closed the ticket without saying if a change or fix had been made on the dreamhost side.

In after the fact analysis my guess is that the connection was getting blocked somewhere somehow before it even reached dreamhost. Dreamhost’s network management team is in a far better position to sort that out tho than an end user.