iPhone does not find *.mail.dreamhost.com

I’ve set up my personal domain as an IMAP server on dreamhost - so far no problems getting and sending email from Mail.app as per the instructions on the Wiki at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mac_OS_X_Mail_10.4

Everything is fine except when I try to check this email address with my iPhone and either nothing happens (it checks for a bit and then stops with no mail found) or I get a ‘can’t find *.mail.dreamhost.com’ message.

All of the settings on the iPhone appear to be correct as I synced it directly through iTunes.

Anyone else having this problem or have a solution?


What are you setting your IMAP server as?

It should be mail.yourdomain.com

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That did the trick… thanks!!!

Help! I’ve tried changing the imap as outlined above, and it still doesn’t work. I get the server not found msg. Ironically, I have another dreamhost mail account on a different domain, and that works fine. That also didn’t require all the *.mail.dreamhost settings on the computer originally. Did something change on the dreamhost servers that makes this mandatory?

Any other tips for getting this to work would be great. I read the existing iphone threads without any luck…

I just got an iPhone as well and have 11 domains to check mail on.
I was using eudora and POP, but had to switch over to IMAP so whatever I see all my mail on my main computer or my iPhone.

I changed nothing at Dreamhost though.

I did set up MAIL.app to use mail.example.com as both incoming and outgoing mail servers as already mentioned.

one thing not mentioned is to make sure that you “require authentication” in MAIL for outgoing messages using your username and password.

another thing I noticed was that I could not initially check mail if I just used my plain text username, I had to input the “m” username that gets assigned to each user with a mailbox.
If you don’t know your “m” username, go the PANEL and look at the domain in question and see what active mailboxes are there, the “m” address will look like this: m427893003 (not mine, I made it up, but it will give you an idea of what to look for).
Use that for the Username with your password for both outgoing and incoming mail and see if it works.