Iphone connection to server fails


I cannot receive emails on my Iphone anymore, it used to work until about 4 days ago. I have 2 dreamhost domains and so 2 email accounts set up on my Iphone and the newest one doesn’t receive emails anymore, the older one works fine. Although in the beginning it did not and I had to change the incoming server from mail.mydomain.com to the actual server name - servername.mail.dreamhost.com - and ever since it has worked fine. So I tried this with my new account but it doesn’t fix the issue. SSL is turned off. Any suggestions?


Since nobody has replied, I used to connect here with my iPhone, but switched to Gmail.

I’m surprised that SERVER.mail.dreamhost.com works because that recently changed on me. Aren’t they both on the same servername? Are you using POP or IMAP? How about setting it up again on your iPhone from scratch? Can you still receive mail for both accounts on your computer?



God i hope the server.mail.dreamhost.com doesn’t start failing on me now. But anyway yes they are on the same servername so that seems even stranger that it will not work for one but will not for the other. I’m using IMAP. And yes I can still receive mail just fine on my macbook for both accounts! On my mac i have set it up with mail.mydomain.com though and it works fine. Seems to be an iphone issue… I’ll try to set it up from scratch but I’m not hopeful…

With Gmail I’m totally ignorant but can I use gmail and still have my current email address, etc…? That may be my answer…

Thanks for your help…


I use this technique:

Though iPhone’s mail application doesn’t support selectable Send Froms. You may have to opt for Google’s mobile application, though I don’t know if it includes selectable Send From addresses. Their mobile web app doesn’t.



you use server.mail.dreamhost.com?

I have never used that, always mail.example.com

see a previous reply on this board that shows my email settings.
I have 11 domains that I get email from on my iPhone.

you may also be experiencing a problem with dreamhost, some of their mail servers went wonky and only just got fixed.


I have two domains with dreamhost and the first email I had problems with dreamhost support told me to try servername.mail.dreamhost.com and ever since it has worked perfectly. Now my second email does not work at all although it did until about a week ago and just on my Iphone, works fine on the computer. I have tried mail.mydomain.com and with the server name but neither works…

I live in Mexico this could possibly be an issue with prodigy.com.mx. SO frustrated since it worked fine until recently. I’ve tried everything…