Iphone and setting up email acct

I have not been able to set up my e-mail acct on my iPhone. I have tried several things that I have read online and still it does not work. Does anyone have a telephone number for Troubleshooting at Dreamhost or a link that will in give me the details to set my iPhone up to retrieve my emails which are hosted through Dreamhost? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you trying POP or IMAP? Is there an SSL option? That probably needs to be turned off due to a certificate mismatch.


p.s. I used to use my iPhone for IMAP access but now forward everything to Gmail.

I was trying it by using IMAP, but I have gone through the entire directions to setting this up and it doesn’t work. If I already have another e-mail set up on my iPhone (a AOL acct) and it is set as my default email on the phone, would that effect me being able to add another e-mail acct on this phone? There is not an SSL Option that I can see…

This is the link to the directions I was using…

I followed these directions… and did everything just like it states, but at the end when it says

"At that point you should see the Save button in the upper right-hand portion of the screen become selectable. Tap on that.
You’ll probably get a pop-up box saying that Secure Connection Failed. The certificate for (your email address) may not be valid. Go ahead and tap on Continue. It should then continue verifying the account information. "

"After a minute or so you may also receive another pop-up box saying that Secure Connection Failed. The certificate for SMTP:(your email address) may not be valid. " -
(I do get this message but it does not give me the option to continue, it only has a button below this message that says “OK”. and I click on that… but it doesn’t take me back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page like it says it will on the tutorial which I have posted here.) It just takes me back to the page where I had typed in the info mail.(mydomainname.com)

I may just need to take the phone to the Apple Store and have them try to do this. I have tried for 2 weeks to set up my email acct on this iPhone with no luck and I have 3 friends that all have iPhones and they have not been able to do it either.

Why is this so difficult? My AOL acct was so easy to set up on my iPhone, any other suggestions would be great! Thanks!

“Go ahead and tap on Continue. It should then continue verifying the account information.
You should then be taken back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page and see your new account listed under the Accounts”

This doesn’t work!!!

One other source of irritation is that DreamHost has no telephone number to call for help. I am a band manager and I manage all of the e-mail accounts. When I began managing, the band already had this server set up and I did not get the details of what was set up etc. I am not sure that DreamHost is the Server… ? What if the guys in the band just think it’s dreamhost??? I need to contact DreamHost to determine if I am in the correct place to begin, and I also need to contact Dreamhost to change the contact info on this acct and list myself and give them my credit card info for renewel, etc. But there is no contact telephone number to get ahold of anyone. I purchase several domains annually and work with several websites. I am going to move this acct to another server that has a phone number if I don’t get these problems resolved soon… HELP???

Telephone support is very expensive to maintain. You can request a callback for about $10.

If you post the URL, someone on the forums can dig around and let you know its status.

If you have full access to the panel, you can make account changes. You can change the credit card under Make Payment. You can change your contact info in View Invoices.

I was able to connect to the mail server, but got security warnings because it tries SSL by default. You can get around this by using the actual server name (SERVER.mail.dreamhost.com), as shown in Account Status in the control panel. Username is your email address (me@example.com) and password is whatever you’re using. Or you can go into the Advanced section on that iPhone mail account once you’ve set up your account and turn off SSL.

I got that security warning during setup, but it came with the two buttons. Have you tried setting up this email account on your desktop computer?


my URL is www.greenlemonband.com

I do not know how or where to find or get access to the panel… So I would need to know where that is and how to find it so that I can go and make changes on the acct and list my credit card so that the website hosting does not expire and they try to charge a card that is no longer correct or available… I can give you or anyone at DreamHost the required info to the acct to show that I am in fact the person that is resposibile for it.

You will find my name on the contact page of the website and my aol e-mail address listed.

Oh and it is ok to have 2 email accts set up on the iPhone ? My AOL and the webmail one as well?

With SSL turned “On” you can try using postal.mail.dreamhost.com as the “Host Name” for both Incoming and Outgoing mail servers to avoid the certificate failure. [1]

You’ll need to contact DreamHost directly about updating account information. There is a web form at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi to do that.

[1] Note: I connected to the SMTP server on mail.greenlemonband.com which identified as postalmail.*.dreamhost.com then confirmed postal.mail.dreamhost resolves to the same IP address as mail.greenlemonband.com so I’m fairly certain I got this right.

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As the other poster mentioned, you’ll have to use the generic contact form to get help with account access, unless you can get help from the person who set up the account here. It’s a real challenge to jump on board an existing hosting plan without the cooperation of the current owner. Can you get a hold of Rob or Jennifer?

You can have multiple email accounts on your iPhone. You’ll end up with a new menu above your current mailboxes which will be an Accounts window. It’s hard to explain, but you get an extra hoop to jump through when you have more than one email account on your iPhone.


Does anyone know why my email is being deleted on my phone every time the phone searches for new email? I would like to save them on my phone. The emails get deleted in my oline dreamhost account, but will upload to outlook on my computer even if i don’t see them online.

I also have too many strange archive folders I need to delete.

That’s unrelated to the original poster’s problem. Post this as a new thread and start the new discussion there.


I know this is an old thread, but I was setting up an IMAP email account on my iphone 4 and I can send and receive fine, but under the advanced, the deleted folder wants to delete to my phone, not the trash on my IMAP server, same with drafts and sent. The folders aren’t even listed under the options. My other IMAP (corporate account and GMIAL) all have the servers’s Sent, drafts and trash folders listed as options. Has anybody else sen this or been able to find a way to enable those basic folders in iPhone ios4?

Have you set the IMAP path prefix to be INBOX ?

(edit) Upon checking the wiki, it shows the IMAP path prefix to be / , but that doesn’t sound right to me. Give that a try if the above doesn’t work.