iPhone and IMAP with dreamhost

Recently lost functionality in my Mac Mail and corrected the problem by following the wiki tutorial for creating an IMAP acct. All went well (with help) but now my iPhone (which was set up as POP) can’t access email (prior to my Mail issues it was the only device besides webmail where I could receive email).
When the iPhone was synched to iTunes I updated all the settings which included creating the outgoing and incoming server setting of “*.mail.dreamhost.com”. I suspect this has no relevance for the iPhone since the host change was made at the root level on my Mac (?). Tried changing the servers setting on the iPhone to just “mail.dreamhost.com” and this still didn’t work.
Should I change the iPhone Mail settings back to a POP account? Does it have to match what is on the Mac? Or should I delete the account and start fresh?
Any help would be appreciated and I apologize for my general ignorance for what may be a simple problem for others.

incoming mail server should be mail.YOURDOMAIN.com
outgoing mail server should be mail.YOURDOMAIN.com:587

then click on the advanced button and under mailbox behaviors map the drafts, sent and deleted mail boxes to the correct boxes on the iphone.

incoming settings: SSL = on, authentication = password, server posrt = 993

outgoing settings: SSL = on, authentication = password, server posrt = 587

dreamhost IMAP accounts work fine on my iphone as does my .mac mail