Iphone and dreamhost mail?

I just got an iphone and having some trouble setting it up to work with my dreamhost mail accounts. I’ve tried both IMAP and POP types, attempted mutiple emails accounts under my domain, tried different ports, ssl on/off, etc. etc. It will not work on either Wi-Fi (att u-verse) , 3g or edge. I keep getting an error that connection to the server has failed.

One thing weird is that if I change the incoming port from 110 to 993 it seems to revert back to 110 after a failed connection attempt. Any advice or help appreciated. Thanks.

If you’re already using a Mac with Mail.app, you can Sync your accounts via iTunes to your iPhone. It won’t copy over messages; just all of your account settings.

That worked for me, but got wanted to simplify, so I pared it down to just my Gmail account.