iPAD Email issues


Just got an iPAD and want to get my mail.

Receiving is not an issue but try as I may I cannot get the SMTP to work.

I ahve changed the server to 587, 993, you name it but nothing.

I ahve a Googlemail account set up on it and that works fine. In fact when I change my SMTP server to that my ssecond acocunt works fine too but then the address is wrong for the receipient.

Please help!


I am having the same issue. I have an iPad 2 if that makes a difference.

Giovanni B

i don’t have an Ipad but i do have an iphone which could be the same.

Set up the outgoing server completely… as shown

Hostname: mail.mydomain.com
Username: user@mydomain.com
Password: {Fill this in, it is not optional as shown on screen}
use SSL: off
Authentication: Password
Server Port:587

Awesome! This works on the iPad too! thanks!