IP Whitelisting on Admin Panel


I’m a developer and I need to log into my client’s DreamHost admin from time to time. If I try to log in here:


and my IP address has changed then I need to trigger an email alert to my client and I think they then have to click a link in the email.

My IP address currently changes about once a day because I’m using wifi that’s SIM card based. So having to verify my new IP address all the time is kind of a pain.

Is there a way around this so that people don’t have to constantly take action to let me in?


I manually sign in to the DH Panel using my username & password credentials. This always gains access to the account no matter what IP address I am using.

My IP address is often different. I never need to verify anything, however it’s my account and my credentials may have a higher level of admin privledges than what you have been given by the account owner.

One suggestion would be: if your client trusts you enough to let you use their admin credentials for access while you perform the work, they can later change the credentials after the work is completed.

This is usually not suggested since a dishonest person could change the credentials and lock out the owner of the account… but it is a way to do it.


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