IP Url?


Hey, how can I find out what my IP URL to my website is? Right now my domain has not been transfered to my new hosting here and I would like to be able to access it via IP… Also can I access FTP at all w/o my domain?


Read the wiki.

And, yes, you can FTP to your account before the transfer. In Manage Users, you’ll see the machine name you’re on, so you can FTP to that machinename.dreamhost.com using your username and password.



In plain english please :smiley: The wiki confused me even more :frowning: Sorry


Hablo mucho inglés, pero es dificil a me entiendes a veces.

  1. Create a User who will own your domain. You may have already done this.
  2. Use the Control Panel->Manage Domains to Add a New Domain. Fully Host your real domain name that you’ll eventually transfer over here.
  3. Populate your domain via FTP, or whatever. You can FTP to machinename.dreamhost.com (the machine name is listed when you Manage your User).
  4. Use the Control Panel->Manage Domains to Mirror your existing domain. Call it yourdomain.dreamhosters.com

Be careful when populating your domain by making sure that any references to your fully qualified domain say ‘yourdomain.dreamhosters.com’ and not ‘www.yourdomain.com’.

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