IP Routing packets

I’m new to the web analytics world so bear with me.

At DreamHost (where we have our corporate website hosted), is it possible to capture the IP Routing address of visitors to our site and then cross reference the IP Addresses back to the originating internet access point?

We want to know where visitors to our web site are coming from. If so, what service could I use to determine where each visitors is coming from? We average about 15K hits per month.

In addition to that, does DreamHost provide web analytics that will allow us to track visitors movement within our web site?

Last but not least, I want to automate the process - any ideas?

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To my knowledge, DH is able to capture visitor’s IP addresses so far.

I’ve seen some website which are able to trace where the users come from. But I don’t think DH has the service.

I haven’t done enough research on this. Maybe we can install the third party plug in by ourselves to achieve that.

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Thanks Patrick, I’m looking for alternatives which will allow me to import the data into our data warehouse.

I want to map our advertising geographical circulation information against that. Your response has been helpful. Thanks again.

I am assuming you are using php. This google search shows how to get the visters ip address using php. From the hints in the various hits, you should be able to construct some code to store the information in a database.

For tracking visitors, try this search.

A final suggestion. After you collect the data, download it for off line analysis. With the number of hits you get each day, the analysis “could” take some serious system resources.

Hope this helps,

A final piece of the puzzle: Geographical information…

Take a look at this commercial (subscription) service: http://www.ip2location.com/?s=google


BTW, I use Google Analytics. It provide a nice geogrphical view - though it does require javascript.

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