IP Question

Hi, I’ve just signed up with DreamHost and I’m moving all my sites over here.

Im wondering if there is anyway to see the folder before I transfer the nameserver info over…

I need to do some setting up of some stuffs and I want to test it before I make it all live.

is there a generic IP that I can goto to see a certian folder?

You’ll have to setup a mirrored domain.

Bascially (search the forum for more details) you’ll have to create a mirrored domain at yourdomain.dreamhosters.com and then you’ll be able to see your newly added content here at DH.

There’s also a sigguestion (Panel > Home > Sigguestions) for dreamhost to set this up automatically for you - which might be a handy feature. Go vote for it if you think so…


Waiting for .com to transfer,how view local files?
Accessing site without domain?

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