IP Locking - question

So I Enabled “IP Locking” - I have a fixed IP. Tonight when I went to the Control Panel I was told “IP not recognized” (or words to that effect) “Click Here” to get in… an email later I was in.

The question: IP Locking has a TTL? Of about 5 days???


I think I’ve figured it out - maybe… I set it up, my IP at home. Then one day “You’re not auth… click HERE to auth” and I got an email with a link to reset. It’s been a while but I remember a menu: Allow for: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month

And with that I went to login and
Your IP address is not authorized to access this account! Please go here to authorize it.
Got my Auth code, entered it and was taken to "Auth for [select[option 1 hr, 8hr, … 1 Month.

This authorization will expire at 2015-08-12 08:47:11 Pacific Time, at which time you will have to reauthorize your IP.”

Which I can live with. Hope I’m not in a hurry next month so I can try to use a different email address to see what it says.