IP For phpMyAdmin?

its been 4 days and I still can’t get to phpMyAdmin through the database.mydomain.com. Is there another way to access this? It is quite important. Perhaps an IP i can go through?

You see it listed in your DNS? If not, and the DB shows it’s active, then I’d send a support ticket cause something got buggered in the provisioning process.

hmm yeah it shows up in my dns. it shows an IP too, but that IP doesn’t seem to resolve to anything. what should I do?

The IP won’t resolve to your hostname since everything’s a virtual host.

Does the hostname resolve? It should since it’s listed in the DNS; nslookup db.domain.com

If it does and you still can’t access it, for what ever reason, in your browser, I’d do some checking via the windows command line. Insure you can resolve it on your box, etc.

the database works… i have connect to it via PHP and am using it… but the hostname doesn’t resolve to anything. it has been several days since setting it up.

but the hostname doesn’t resolve to anything.

So the DNS is setup and nslookup db.domain.com doesn’t work? Then it’s something wrong with the named file.

However, you said your PHP scripts work, and you’re using the hostname? If that’s the case, then DNS does work! There’s something else wrong.

well yes, something is wrong. I don’t know what it is. Is there any other way to access phpMyAdmin than through db.mydomain.com ? Why in the world is this stuff setup like this?

okay i did an NSlookup and got:

Server: nsvip1.alltel.net

DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to nsvip1.alltel.net timed-out.

It looks like your domain is using DNS servers other than our own. In that case we can’t automatically manage the DNS entries for you so things like this won’t work. You can contact our support team to find out what the DNS entry should be set to and set it up with the other DNS servers if you don’t want to use ours.

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