IP Address?

I’m publishing a RoboHelp project (RH is a help-authoring tool, works a bit like a web page design program), and it wants the IP address or server name I’m publishing to. Can anyone tell me where to find that?

The server name it is asking for is likely to be your domain name, for example: yourdomain.com

Note: if the application is using the FTP protocol to access your server, then you will also have to specify the ‘web-directory’ for your domain, by default this will be named the same as your domain.

As for the IP address, you can obtain the IP address assigned to a particular domain in a number of ways. You can go to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel and click on the small [DNS] link next to the domain, the IP address you need is the one shown for the main A-Record of the domain (the first record in the ‘non-editable’ section).

You can also obtain the IP address by opening a command window on your computer and ‘pinging’ the domain using the following command;

ping yourdomain.com


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