IP address, not nameservers

A client of ours has a IT person who manages their Exchange Server (company email).
We have a new hosting account on DH and are getting ready to launch new website, but this IT guy says that we should NOT request the nameservers be changed with Registrar.
Instead they want an IP address (instead of nameservers). We’ve never had this request before.
How can this be resolved?

The IP Addresses that DH assigns are not static. Such a solution would not work 100% of the time.

He may want full control over the DNS. You may have to purchase a unique IP from DH. They charge $4/mo for this (which is kinda high.) Also keep in mind this is not a guaranteed static IP. Meaning, DH may change it.

You don’t have to transfer the registrar, just where the DNS is handled. If the client doesn’t want DH to handle it, then DH may not be the right host for this project.

If they have a separate MS Exchange server, it should have it’s own static IP, this IP should be put into the domain’s DH DNS to point MX to the external IP/exchange server.

So if the IT person gives you the static IP for the exchange server, you just need to modify the domain’s DH DNS entries to point the MX to that external IP

Assuming that the IT person is only responsible for the email part, then he’s the odd man out. The tld DNS at the registrar should be pointed to the DH nameservers.

All the rest for the domain should remain default to point to the DH servers for website, ftp, etc

You could also get a static IP as an add-on here so you’ll have pretty static IP to point your A Record to. Or you get a Dreamhost PS which comes with a static IP.

The shared server IP addresses might rotate. But to be honest: In the four or so years which I’ve been here with DH this only happened once when I got moved from one of the old shared servers to a a new one.

I’ve just signed up, and am currently hitting my head against this very problem… I should be able to host the ‘domain’ www.mydomain.net (and then in mydomain.net DNS, just add NS records to dreamhost’s DNS servers for the www entry) - but every time I shove that into the add domain screen, it strips off the www, and instead adds mydomain.net, rather than www.mydomain.net

Have you checked your hosting setting for mydomain.net? I’m guessing you have it set such that www. and no www. both work (either by redirect or as a host alias).

Hi Resilien,

Sorry, I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say :slight_smile:

I want to host ‘www.mydomain.net’. not ‘mydomain.net’. That is to say, dreamhost should know NOTHING about mydomain.net, only the ‘domain’ www.mydomain.net. In mydomain.net’s DNS records (which re hoste totally independantly to dreamhost, and will never have anything to do with whichever host I decide to move my site to), I simply want to sub-delegate out the www zone to dreamhost.

however every time I try to add ‘www.mydomain.net’ as a domain in the ‘add domains’ screen, it strips off the www, and wants to add ‘mydomain.net’ for hosting, not www.mydomain.net

I’m guessing this is a ‘feature’ for newbs, but VERY anoying when you have 150-200 DNS entries in your domain, and are NOT going to move away from is current hosting…

(Just emailed support about it, will be interesting to see what they say… may need to find somewhere which uses cpanel or plesk or something which I know will do this instead… Just wanted to use dreamhost, as a number of colleages use them for their personal sites also, and love it…)

Ah, my bad. Yea, that doesn’t seem possible at the moment, but it ought to be. I’m sure the DH support team will figure a solution out for you though.

Ahhh, relatively quick response from support :slight_smile:

They don’t support adding a ‘subdomain’ if it’s called www, but they said that contrary to many posts on these forums (such as the one above), IP addresses do not change, so just setup hosting for mydomain.net, grab the A record for www.mydomain.net from their nameservers, and pop that into mydomain.net’s zone file on my existing servers…

Ok, that’s easy enough :slight_smile:

I’d have to disagree with their assertion that “IP addresses do not change.” If you were moved to a different server, your IP address would change. Should they restructure their server arrangement, your IP address may change. I would have said “IP addresses rarely change.”

I think you’re both sorta right. According to the DH KB, DreamHost reserves the right to change your unique IP, as in the case of moving you to a different server on a very different part of the network. However, they rarely do this and usually give you warning beforehand.

That said, if you’re paranoid, you could run a cron job that checks if the IP has changed and, if it does, sends the new IP to you. You could even set up a script on your end that intercepts the new IP and changes the settings on your side as necessary.