Ip address not authenticated and can't access dreamhost panel

I am unable to log into my dreamhost panel account. Similar to another post, my login email address has changed. I have been using the same computer(s) as I have before so not sure why I can’t log in. In any event, I need to update my email address so I can log in. I sent a message yesterday and again today. Does anyone know when I will hear back from someone?

Thank you

Just wanted to update my post to report that support is looking into my issue. Thanks

Aside from your email address you should also have a user name?

my username is my email address.

support suggestion didn’t work, still need access to my dreamhost account, thank you

You should be able to login using either your email address, or the WebID that was assigned to you upon creating your account. Not sure how you contacted our support team, but if you can send me the email address you used to contact us, I can look into the support history and maybe find out what’s going on.

Also, have you checked the Spam folder of your inbox? Sometimes DreamHost-related messages happen to end up there. Happens to me all the time. :stuck_out_tongue: