iOS8 email issues

I recently upgraded my iPhone to iOS8 and now I’m having issues with my dreamhost email. No matter what I do I keep getting an error message that my username or password are incorrect. I guarantee I’m using the correct username and password… I’ve quadruple checked (many times over by now) that they’re the exact same as what I type to successfully access my webmail, and they’re the exact same as what I used to get mail working on my Mac (which is working correctly)… yet I continue to get the message!

I’ve set everything up as reguired:

I’m using IMAP, my hosts are set to: and I’m using my full email address as my login, i.e.; (
SSL: on, Authentication: Password, Port 993 (incoming) & Port 587 (outgoing). IMAP path prefix: / (I’ve also tried using INBOX as is apparently required in the Mail app on Mac).

Despite all this, I continue to get the same error. There are only 2 differences now than when it used to work on my phone before… I’m now using iOS8 and I recently changed my account password (however I am using the new password successfully everywhere else and once again, I’m 100% sure I’m inputting it correctly) Other fixes I’ve tried include: deleting the account and starting from scratch (many times) and I’ve turned my phone on and off many times as well hoping that would fix things… yet, none of this is working. Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated!

You have tried absolutely everything I would suggest normally for iPhone setup issues.

I remember and issue ‘like’ this one with someone else phone (one that I had access locally), and the solution in that case was to completely remove the dreamhost account from the iPhone and readd, but you’ve already done that. (that issue was also pre-iOS 8)

I have a couple dreamhost mail accounts added on my iPhone and didn’t have problems with iOS 8 (or 8.0.1 or 8.0.2) and my dreamhosts accounts.

iOS 8.1 is scheduled for release tomorrow (Monday). I just read a condensed change log for the release and saw a couple of items that I wonder if will help your case. You might check for updates manually to get it sooner, otherwise you should get the notification to update in the next few days. AFTER the update check again of course, and I think you may have to delete the account entirely from you phone again and re-add it after the update.

Also possibly relevant, what model iPhone? (since you updated to 8, that says it’s not a iPhone 6, one of the items in the change log will only effect iPhone6 users, but appears relevant)

Also possibly relevant, is the same appleId used for iCloud sign in on this iPhone also used by ANY other iDevice for iCloud signin? If so, is the mail switch in the iCloud screen on or off? If so, do you have the same problem on the other device or is it working?

Nice call, I would check that first. Another resort for you is to call Apple support. They would know what specific changes they made on IOS 8, possibly, this might be already a known issue to them.

hopefully there can be a fix for this on some end

I just came here and searched because of this same issue. I rarely use the integrated email client, but today I tried to and i am getting the same error

I am on the latest IOS (8.0.2) and I am using an iphone 6+

Thanks for the replies. I’m on an iPhone 6 and I updated to iOS8.1 yesterday, yet the problem persists. I’m signed into iCloud using the same apple ID on my Macbook running Yosemite. The mail application on my Macbook is having intermittent issues with the Dreamhost email. It took a while to get it working, it’s been woking for a few days and now it seems to be having issues again… I’m wondering what you think the issue and solution would be if iCloud is causing the problem… call Apple?

I have one more thought. Try changing your mail server from to the dreamhost server your account is actually hosted on. Use these instruction

Sadly this didn’t fix it either. I tried deleting the account and reinstalling after upgrading to iOS8.1 as well and that didn’t help either. Any other thoughts?

I seem to have fixed my issue finally… I’m not sure what part was the key, but here’s what finally worked for me:

The first time I changed my password, I did it in the webmail mailbox manager ( and that’s when I started having issues… for the attempt that finally worked, I changed my password in the Dreamhost panel, instead of the webmail mailbox manager… I also let Dreamhost create the password for me. I then I deleted the dreamhost account on my iphone and started over again fresh. It told me the password or username was incorrect at first, but then a few min later started working.

So not sure what exactly fixed it, but my guess is changing the password in the dreamhost panel instead of the webmail mailbox manager did the trick.

Thanks to those who offered assistance.