can someone please install IonCube for me, i can pay with paypal, please contact me as soon as possible


Have you read the wiki article on it?

It’d be a good learning experience and it’ll make you self-sufficient in the future. Given the strong (negative) emotions ionCube invokes, it may be difficult to find someone willing to give it a try.



i have looked at it but with my experience it didnt work


Not to start a holy war or anything - but… I see nothing wrong with code obfuscation as long as it doesn’t violate FLOSS licensing. The OSS model is nice and all, but sometimes a programmer just doesn’t want to give away the store. A guy can spend a month (or ten) writing some really great code, then open source it and get nothing for his trouble but a hundred people asking for more free enhancements. Try telling people the code is free (beer) and free (liberty) but support and changes will cost, and you’ll see adoption going down to zero - along with any people who might want to fund it because now they don’t see a real user base and they don’t want to invest in a product that will soon be dead. In the mean time a couple hundred more site managers are adding value to their own sites and thereby gaining financially (of course without returning code improvements that maybe some other people want) while the poor developer is starves until he goes and gets a job. Is it any wonder why most of the projects on sourceforge are unmaintained orphans?

So if someone prefers to stick with the for-fee model (not quite cathedral but not entirely bazaar either) or just protect their assets and maybe some competitive edge as they sell widgets or whatever, then they should have the opportunity to do so without fear of a firing squad.

And that’s worth every yen you paid for it. Thanks for your time.