Ioncube problem

Hello dreamhost community,

we must install the ioncube for a php script install and we are producing all the time the error message

“install.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.”

The directory ioncube and the loader are available. Is there anybody who knows what we have to do?

The dreamhost support says that we have to go to the forum because there are some users with a hint for us but we cannot find out this users.

Are you the developer with a hint for us?

Thank you.

Well, here is the hint :wink: :

This page allows you to download the Ioncube loader:

To install ioncube you will need to install your own custom php build

As part of this process, you will need to address the php.ini file entry below, to reflect the proper location of the loader:

; Dynamic Extensions ;
; IonCube Loader
zend_extension = “”

It you are not proficient in the shell, you might find it easier to have someone who is knowledgeable with such things help you, as DH support will not assist with, or support, these types of customization.

One regular DH Forums user who does this kind of work (for a reasonable fee) is user Mousee