ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2 Error Message

Help :-/
I am trying to install Jeff Johnsons ‘Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin’, onto a wordpress site. I’m able to upload it, but when I try to activate, I get the following error message :-

Site error: the file : wp-content/plugins/seo-blog/core.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

(NB : For security reasons I have deleted a bit at the front of this error message relating to my admin name & website)

I have found a good step by step resolution to this error message on Youtube ( This involves deleting files BUT is shown on a standard cpanel dashboard (as opposed to dreamhosts custom built panel).

Unfortunately, I’m not a tecchie and therefore am unable to convert the teachings in the youtube video to Dreamhosts panel. Basically the recommendation is to delete the PHP.ini file & then re-install it (??)

Can someone let me know how I would do this (step by step please) in the Dreamhost Panel, OR advise how I can get the plug-in installed if there is an easier way.


I know this thread is old, but it was the first hit listed on Google when I was searching for the same error, so here’s the answer I found:

Dreamhost does not appear to authorize changes to the php.ini file directly, which is what you need to do to activate IonCube. However, an automated script is available from that does it all for you. The script is free, though donations are accepted.

Worked perfectly for me.