Ioncube, php.ini and .htaccess

Hello all,

First post so before I start would like to say hello to you all and thanks to thoughs contributing to the forum as I have found loads of helpful information here.

Though, let me get to my issue, I have purchased a script which needs Ioncube, I have read the Wiki of Dreamhost on how to install this and follow everything it said to do.

I also needed to configure a new php.ini and php.cgi for my domain, did all this too.

Once I had set up the .htaccess to use the php.ini for my domain I then checked to see if things were working…

I used the ioncube test, didn’t show up as installed, use phpinfo.php and did not have anything about ioncube set up inside.

To me it seems as if its not working, though I have had two different results when trying to fix the issue.

Normally I’d get a message from the script telling me I have not got Ioncube loader installed which was the message I had the longest…

Then when I thought I had gotten it all working I had the script actually show up but not how it should be!

Its now displaying part of the main index of the script but with loads of Mysql strings on the site.

Hope this is ok, here is the site

If its not ok to link the site in the post I’ll remove ASAP, I have contacted the script support team but I hate waiting and it’s been a day since I have gotten a reply from them so trying to sort this out myself.

Like I said, have done almost everything to get this working, I even re-installed php5!

Hope some one can help!

Thanks guys!

Hi there. Looks like everything is working good now.

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