IonCube Loader Installation Problems


I can’t seem to install IonCube Loader.

I have a php.ini in my /home/user/php.ini and I’ve edited to have the correct zend extension. I have all the IonCube files in /home/user/ioncube/ and the zend extension in the php.ini file points to that address and the correct loader file.

I’ve contacted DH support but they told me they couldn’t really help with this. Does anyone know how to install it?

That’s nice, but unless your PHP is reading/using that php.ini there is no reason to have it there at all. Did you read, and follow, the wiki instructions on how to use a custom php.ini file?

You cant just put the file there - you have to have configured your PHP environment to use it, too!

–DreamHost Tech Support

Hello everyone,

I have this problem fixed and things are working now.

I found the solution here:

Someone needs to update the wiki, because the information in the wiki is a big outdated.