Ioncube installation on php 5.3

I know there are several threads about this and a wiki page, but none of it seems to help. I have been trying to solve this issue for the past day with no luck. Even this script at doesn’t help. What happens is that script does indeed install the ioncube loader, but then it downgrades the php being used to 5.2.17. I need at least 5.3 to run the app I purchased so this is a problem. I can’t seem to find any clear instructions on how to get this to work and even the loaders on the ioncube site aren’t working properly for me.


SXI’s script will take care of ya:

That script will also force you back onto PHP 5.2. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what twubs was using.

You will need to download the ionCube loader from ionCube’s site. The download you need is the “Linux (x86-64)” one, and the specific loader you will need for PHP 5.3 is in that archive as “”.

As Andrew confirmed above, that script defaults to PHP 5.2

I have the logic mapped out to handle all versions (even future) in one script but it needs more work on the design side before I throw it out there. Sorry about that.

DreamHost (actually I think Andrew might have had a lot to do with it) made it super easy for us to load extensions with the new intelligent system that was rolled out with 5.3 – i.e. default parsing of per-user phprc’s. If you require 5.3 and are following the wiki, read just the few lines mentioning “phprc” and ignore everything else.

For anyone having issues installing Ioncube, I made a video tutorial on how to do it using SSH.

The tutorial is for installing on a VPS, but should be similar for shared and dedicated servers.

I was having major issues with this myself, and when I finally figured it out, it was like a huge “Duh!!” moment.