IonCube install

Does anyone have experience with this on a hosted site. I followed the instructions for my site running PHP 5.3 posted on the Wiki here,, and still no joy. I’m really not sure where to go from here as this is my first time trying to use something like this on a hosted site.

Thanks in advance…

A forum search will lead you to a number of discussions on this very topic.

There is also an auto-install script another user has made available:

Thanks that did the trick, not sure why dreamhost would not suggest adding a cgi-bin folder to do it…

We don’t suggest creating one because it’s not necessary. :slight_smile: “cgi-bin” directories receive no special treatment at DreamHost.

If you’re trying to install IonCube for PHP 5.3, see the instructions at — those instructions aren’t specific to IonCube, but should work for it, as well as any other PHP extension.