Ioncube install

I’m inexperienced with custom PHP.ini and ioncube installations. I’m
also not very familiar with Unix or using SSH to work with the command
line. I would greatly appreciate it if any one could help me install
ioncube on my Dreamhost domain since Dreamhost doesn’t support this type
of help.
my email is

Good luck. Do a search for “ioncube” in all of the forums for the past 6 months. You’ll see a few posts, and I think there was one person who had success.


I have done this successfully using a custom php.ini with the non-shell method outlined here

I created a cgi-bin and ioncube directory.


Erm, stick the ioncube loaders stuff in the ioncube folder…

Then use the non-shell method…

I then added the ioncube section as the ‘first line’ to the php.ini created by the non-shell method in the cgibin directory,

zend_extension="/home/user/ioncube/" (or whatever version)

// / (
( /( /)(/__)())(

There is a full “step by step” guide to installing the appropriate iconCube loader in the DreamHost wiki, at:

There are also two different methods for using a customized php.ini detailed in the wiki: - standard way, some find difficult - an easier way, for most people.

This second article also describes a method that does not require the use of the shell at all:

–DreamHost Tech Support