Ioncube help

Is anybody successfully using an ioncube dependant script, with the ioncube dll’s in place?

It is suppose to load at run time if the dll is iether in the same or higher dir to the encoded file that needs it, but i haven’t got it to work. I’m trying to use phpibazi dating script. Can anyone help?

When you say “ioncube script” are you talking about the “output” file -which you run under one of the supported platforms?

Your reference to “with the ioncube dll’s in place?”, makes me think you are trying to run ASP code intended for a wind*ze server. Dreamhost cannot run .ASP code, as their servers are linux boxes running Debian.

According to ioncube’s FAQ, Debian is not a “supported” distribution; that is not to say it can’t run, but it might be problematics and is very likely to not be able to be “installed” or “run” on a Dreamhost shared server.

Google knows nothiong about such a script, but fortunately other have also mispelled it :wink:

Phpizabi website says:

“Server must be able to dynamically load ioncube loaders libraries at runtime OR have a permanent ioncube decryption loader OR let you edit (or create a user-based) php.ini file.”

Looks to me like, at the very least, you are going to have to compile your own php, or use the process described in the wiki to manage you own php.ini file.