Ioncube error/PHP v issue

Hi, I am in a serious pickle…

Here’s my story.

I had a website (IPB v2.3.6), hosted on dh, which worked great, but I wanted to change the url connected to it. Specifically, I wanted to change the actual domain name for the site i.e. have the original domain name redirected to the new domain name with the site otherwise being exactly the same. So, basically, I just wanted a carbon copy but with a new url.


  • backed up the original site to my hd
  • using ftp I copied all folders from original site folder to new site folder (it was already hosted on dh and so was already in ftp host directory list)
  • using dh control panel, I created a new database on the ‘manage mySQL’ page and created a new hostname to associate with that new database (although I kept the same username, pw and ‘user’ associated with original database)
  • using the phpmyAdmin site, I made a copy of complete original database to the new empty database

Then when I went to my site, the portal page worked, but it still directed me to the old url and I got the following error:

Site error: the file /home/.hostservername/my ‘user’ name/ requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

I asked someone for help who changed the conf_global.php which corrected the url issue i.e. when i tried to go to new url, it actually took me to that site and did not change the url in the address bar to the old url. I still had the above error msg, though, when I tried to use the forums or arcade link from my portal page.

So, as a go-between with my helper and dh, I got the php5.ini file fixed so that it had the correct path. Still, the error persisted. My helper wasn’t/isn’t being paid at the moment and has had to move on to other things I think.

-I researched the error on the web, found what seemed to be a fix, went to the dh site
-found the ioncube loader instructions for doing it manually (due to dh’s PHP version not matching the ‘cookie cutter’ install version) which said I needed to make sure one of the below requirements had been done:

  • A Custom PHP Install (either PHP5 or PHP4 will work just fine).
  • A Custom PHP.ini install.
  • this led me to the dh ‘installing PHP5’ wiki which I started to read and !Lightbulb goes on! My original site was still using PHP v4. I went to my dh control panel to confirm. I also remembered the friend that usually helps me with IPB upgrades and connected mod re-installs/edits said to leave that as PHP v4 way back when due to most of the mods not working with v5 or something along those lines.

So… I really only know enough coding and backend stuff to follow very exact directions and in other cases get into trouble. However, I am thinking that the fact that I copied a PHP v4 database to a new database who’s host only supports PHP v5 has got to be part of the bigger problem here.

If my hypothesis is true, I can follow the directions for installing PHP5 (I think, unless they lead me to another ‘do this before that’ procedure), but I am thinking that the mods I have installed would need code edits if not completely re-installated and I am also thinking there are probably quite a few other things that would need to be edited/updated in files in the new url folders. I have no clue what this list of tasks might be.

I realize I’ve just posted an epic explanation, but I figured details are important here. Do any of you have suggestions that I might be able to follow other than hiring someone to fix the problem?

I have got to learn to do these things myself or I’ll always end up in a pickle like this.

If I could get specific instructions like maybe

  • empty new url folder completely using ftp
  • delete new database in dh cp
  • update old site database/folders to PHP v5 (um, yeah, this is where I don’t know what to do) after changing to that version on the dh domain page
  • re-copy folders from old site folder to new site folder (using ftp)
  • create new database and create carbon copy using database and phpmyAdmin pages
  • etc etc etc

with links to instructions for at least the edits I’d need to make in the ftp view folder files to make the PHP version update, that would be very helpful.

Maybe its not as complicated as I’m making it, but then maybe I’ve dug a hole I can’t get out of. I don’t know. I just know my site is broke, my users are jonesing for the arcade which won’t work and I feel like a failure who’s head is spinning faster than you can say “you are an idiot!”…

any help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you just need the ioncube loaders.

Check your php.ini for “ioncube” and correct the path for the new user.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

I did do that, but it is a php5.ini file and like I said the entire copied site database was originally php version 4. My friend worked on it today and was able to get the forum itself to work. Hopefully he can work his magic on the arcade as well.

Thank you for the advice though. That was definitely one of the initial issues that was fixed.