Invite to Dreamhost PS

Dear people,

Before I bother support with this probably stupid question, I want to ask my fellow dreamhost users about this.
I just got the below email from Dreamhost, but I have no idea if I need it or not. I have been with DH over 3 years and very happy with them. I do not think I need PS since I have just a staight forward dynamic (htm) website with no whistles and stuff.
What I am worried about is the timing of this. I had a really bad comp-crash and therefore lost all my backups. I am currently restoring my websites/files throu SFTP back to my computer (pure download), which is just ofcourse temporary. I do not know if this will give an extra stain on the server, which might be why I got the email or that is it just a coincedence.

Thank you and regards, Supong

This email is to let you know that you, yes you, have just been invited
to our still-new DreamHost PS (Private Servers) and/or our DreamHost PS
MySQL service!

Check it out at:

And if you’re interested, just visit this URL to sign up!

The main advantages of DreamHost PS are:

  • You get your own PROTECTED system resources for improved stability.
  • You get more flexibility than regular hosting to run any process.
  • You can scale your resources on the fly, and reboot your own PS.
  • It’s currently only +$10/month for every 100MB of memory.
  • It’s a completely seamless transition from our regular shared hosting.

You can also sign up for DreamHost PS MySQL, which is just like PS but
for your databases. If you get both PS and PS MySQL, you get 20% off
both, forever!

Anyway, we’re finally caught up on provisioning these and ready to move
you over ASAP if you’re at all interested!

Thanks for your time,
The Happy DreamHost Evite Team!

If you are satisfied with your present shared hosting, there is no need to get Private Servers. Many of their customers get that email - me too. And I don’t have any need for it presently.

I’ve gotten that email at least twice and I have no need for PS.



You might consider a combination of the things mentioned at

I personally think is quite nice, for an additional “off site” backup. Their policy makes good sense, for what it is.

I don’t know if your home machine is linux, os x, or windows, but you might also consider keeping a backup cache of important files at

I find it pretty easy to meet their restrictions; I set rar or 7zip to make 49.9 meg sized chunks, and encrypt the archive (both headers and data). I usually choose the “solid” format, for increased compression, and reduced network transfer time.

For the [justifiably] paranoid (let’s face it, storing your data remotely where it’s accessible by many - you should be encrypting it well! c.f. you can always use pgp or gpg to further encrypt the archives.

Hope This Helps,


P.S. I see no need for you to go to PS hosting with what you’ve described.