Invite a Friend Option

HI … I have an HTML page that I would like to include an option to “invite a friend!” on. I would like to give users the option to fill in an email address, and a graphical invitation to an event would go to the email address they entered.

I’m not sure how to even start on this … can someone help?


I don’t think this is wise, as it allows people to enter bogus email addresses, which isn’t too far different from spam. The best option is to create a mailto: link that fills in most info for them. That way, they are the one mailing the info.


This is to invite people to a church service for Easter … I don’t think our members would put in bogus email addresses … but we did want the invitation to come from the person inputting the email address anyway … so maybe we could use a MailTo: command …

Is there a way to insert a graphic into the body of the email with a MailTo: command?

It’s not your membership abusing the form that worries me. It’s unscrupulous visitors.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to insert an image into a Mailto command since the syntax just plugs the data into the user’s mail application, which may not allow for rich or html formatting with images. It’d have to be plain text. But you can include a URL, which many mail clients upon receipt will see as a clickable link.


Okay … I’ve created the MailTo: command, and it works great. However - it won’t work for people that are using web-based mail programs (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) … is there a way around this?

You’d have to create special links:

Replace or delete the %letter parameters as needed.