Invision problem



i am running invision 1.3.1. a strange problem has suddenly started cropping up: i’ve had all the posts/topics in a couple of forums disappear from the database. i am the only one with access and have not deleted anything. if anyone has any insight i’d really appreciate it.


Thats forum pruning. It prunes old posts automatically. Check around in the control panel for some settings to disable it.


thanks for the reply, but that’s not it. the forums are not set to prune, and in any the posts that got deleted were not the oldest ones, and nor would it in any case explain the anomalies in the first instance.


I run in IPB 2.1.4 so I don’t know if this exists in your version. Try checking the task manager for any pruning tasks. Also, are your forums set to only view topics from the last 30 days?


nope, the forums are all set to “show all” posts. and there’s no task manager that i know of in 1.3.1. once again, it isn’t simply that posts are disappearing: in the first case there was a discrepancy between what was in the topics table, what was in the posts table and what was in the forum table. not to mention, it is not the oldest posts/topics that are disappearing.

dreamhost says that there should be no problem with the databases at their end–so maybe it is a problem with how invision is writing to the database. tough to say–i was hoping someone might have had a similar experience. doesn’t seem to be the case. maybe the time has come to upgrade to a licensed version.


You might consider using a different forum software rather than paying for IPB. There’s several of them that should allow you to import the posts into the new system… just something to consider.