Invision Board & Coppermine/4Images Gallery


I’m thinking about signing up with DreamHost, but first I need to know if they’re compatible with Invision and Coppermine (or 4Images), two things I will definitely need.

Also, if they are, how easy are those to install for someone who doesn’t know their way around the more technical aspects of the web?

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Yes and yes (and yes)! I haven’t installed those apps myself, but I am sure you can get lots of support from others on this forum.
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Well, I’m no use as support, but I’ve happily muddled my way to having two IPB forums running, and three coppermine sites.

A friend has an IPB forum she needs to transfer from her current host and is considering Dreamhost. Will speed be a problem? Are there any other things to consider/possible problems before she makes a decision? I’ve been using Dreamhost for a few months but don’t have a database on here so am no help myself.