Invision Board and excessive usage

First of all, sorry for my poor english.

I have a big problem with my site: I have installed Invision Board, and I have an average of 25000 page hits per day. Using each page it an average CPU time of 0.269s, I use 6119 CPU seconds per day, and si I was moved to limbo-randy because of my excessive usage. I have friends that have bigger Invision forums and don’t have such CPU usage problems, and so I would like to ask if there’s a way to lessen my usage by tweaking some settings in IPB’s control panel.

Thanks in advance,
D. Ronchi

I have 1750 registered users, about 200 that post regularly and an average of 25 users online posting and visiting the forum. The database is 200MB big.

Why not try different forum software?

One reason might be that he believes his situation is somewhat anomalous compared to others using the same software without excessive loads - and that it might be easier to tune his install rather than force 200 active users to ‘try another forum’ just for the hell of it.

OK, maybe the OP doesn’t feel that way, but I do :slight_smile: I’ve got hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours invested in licenses, custom skinning, three years of community development, painstaking education of non-savvy users in the ins/outs of the current software. I personally love trying out new software and basically try everthing, and often. But it’s a different matter to move a live and thriving community. Particularly if there might be some tweaks available.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any so hope to learn something myself, here :slight_smile:

Any ideas about my problem?

I heavn’t used IPB in a while, infact ever since they started charging. Hoever, I’m sure that there are inded setings for lowing your CPU consumption.

A couple Basic things like Search flood contrll can help. Such settings stop people from searching more than once in so many seconds. You can also switch the defult search to only search more rescent posts - taking less resources for each search preformed.

You may also find some MODs for download on the IPB site that will also help you tak up less CPU time. I once saw such a MOD, that was easy to install that took some redundancy out of the system and cut down major;y on the resources the software used.

I think you may have better luck searching on Google and paticuarly the IPB forum for more specific answers to your question - as I heavn’t meet many people around here who use IPB.

Hopw this is helpful.