"Invalid Security Certificates" error blocking all eMail

Last night Thunderbird (running on an i5 iMac in Snow Leopard) started sending messages that all eMail accounts from all domains hosted at DreamHost are being blocked because of invalid security certificates. I’ve been using TBird and DH for years and had never seen this before now.

Even worse - because I can always check my messages with SquirrelMail (albeit a horrible alternative) - TB also now refuses to open anything, so I can’t even access my saved messages.

The error message gives no option for an exception - and keeps popping up onscreen, locking my computer until I cancel the pop-up, even tho both TB and MacMail are fully closed. I did not see similar messages from MacMail - but it is not opening today, either.

One other oddity: The error message does have an option to view the certificate, which shows DreamHost as having a valid certificate through 2017. But it also says it could not validate that certificate “for unknown reasons”. I would copy those messages, but they don’t allow copying and I can’t even type them here while the message is open.

In addition to all my current business and personal eMail accounts, I’m in the process of launching a new online marketing effort that is now at a dead stop because no one can use that business’ eMail accounts, so resolving this issue is urgent.

Anybody know anything about this?


Obviously a popular topic - but help would be nice, too.

I’m still getting those “Invalid Security Certificate” pop-ups, several times a day, whether my email reader (Thunderbird for Mac) is running or not.

Some of my email accounts are now downloading new messages to Tbird as they should; others are not. Opening the message list, clicking on “download new messages” gets nothing. Going into that same account via Mail2Web or some other online reader shows new email - in some cases, lots of new email that never made it to Tbird.

I’ve checked and rechecked the Tbird settings and my email settings at DreamHost and cannot find anything wrong. Nor do I know for certain that the invalid security certificates problem is related to those email accounts not downloading new messages to Tbird.

But the uncertainty of receiving - or even sending - email using some of those accounts, not to mention the frustrations and extra time required to check my mail online, is creating chaos with both my professional and personal communications. So if anyone out there has any idea what’s going on, please share.

Better yet, would someone from DreamHost please help.


One dreamhost employee answers some posts here. You really should open a support ticket via the panel.

I have.