Invalid mail server certificate with a domain hosted by dreamhost

While assisting a new client yesterday and configuring e-mail (Outlook 2007) to use SSL POP3 & SMTP connections to their Dreamhost domain I found that Outlook flagged the server certificate as invalid because the cert was for * and not mail.<user’s domain>.com. Is there any resolution for this?

Thank you

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I had exactly the same problem some weeks ago and quote Support’s response:

The reason this error is coming up is because our webmail certificate is
signed for “”. To get rid of the error, you either
have to use:

or you need to setup your own secure domain and install squirrelmail


Hi Tom,

Thank you for your reply. Naturally I am hoping that dreamhost has developed a more appropriate solution (like registering certs for each mail server fqdn). If they do not then I will try your solution while we examine our options.