Invalid "KEY" - user account issue

Hi Team,

I am having an issue with user accounts on my WP install.
During the check-out process (plug-in: wooCommerce), logged in users persistently experience this message:

Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid.
(appears to log user out)

and takes the user to the following address:

[ my domain: ]
Any advise/tips? This is an annoying error for customers, I’d love to solve this one quickly.

Additional behaviour note:
· The order is actually successfully created, and expected email to vendor/customer is sent successfully
· clicking ← Back to scribblegraph DOES take the user back to a logged in account on the site.

Have you asked wooCommerce? I hate passing the buck, but their plugin has paid support and they know it better than anyone else.

hi Ipstenu - they point the finger back at WP (which I’m aware is also not your product) - it’s a well documented issue. I agree it appears to be WooCommerce issue as that’s where I see it documented!

The hunt continues…

It’s a ‘well documented’ issue? Hrph. Least they could have done is say where it was documented. All the Google results are you asking this question, and I consider myself to be a darn good Googler.

“Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid.” is a well known error, in WP 2.5. Can you reset passwords in your install all right?

The only thing that comes to mind is setting your keys and salts again in your wp-config.php

…when i say well documented, I mean: lots of people seem to have this issue, and lots of people are looking for an answer;) Perhaps I should amend that to: “It’s well documented that it’s an issue” :wink:

I’ll try the reset method, thank you!

Can I change user passwords? Yep:) I haven’t encountered any errors/issues with it yet…

No, I mean if you logout and go to and click the ‘reset password’ link, does that whole process work?

Hi Ipstenu - yes, confirming that process works [ lost password > reset > email link > enter new password ] - seamless.

Well that kind of knocks out the normal reason that happens. Did Woo give you anything useful other than ‘Isn’t us!’?

Finally getting back to this issue:/
@Ipstenu - no, nothing useful at all - and issue persists.

Any other ideas?

One thing comes to mind. Generate new salts and hashes:

This is a stab in the dark, and I hope I get that thief or a grue…

@Ipstenu - yep, I tried that (at your suggestion in post #4) - no joy =(

I’ve devolved into repetition. That’s never a good sign… :frowning:

What’s my next best hope in finding a solution for this one, do you think?

The only thoughts left are:

  1. Plugin conflict
  2. Theme conflict
  3. WooCommerce

You’d have to start turning off plugins and switching to the default themes to see if it works then.

Thanks Mika - wooCommerce has just released to Alpha 2.0x - I’ll test with that first, and see if I can solve it from there.

I am wondering if you ever found a fix for this issue? I am experiencing the exact same thing and haven’t been able to find any answers, which includes WooCommerce support.

@nseveridt - no, this issue persists. I’ve exhausted every plug-in & option in know of, other than /wipe & re-install. =(


am curious if you ever found the fix for this. I’m having the same issue and can’t find a good solution!?

thanks in advance…